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Authentic REAL BURNT EDGES on Santa’s
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Official North Pole Postmark
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Free Video message from Santa
Free "You're on my Nice List" Video Message
Free phone call from Santa
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Variety of 12 unique letters
Sealed by Santa Exclusive Products
Every letter and package includes TWO videos from Santa Clause
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You’re on my Nice List video
Night Before Christmas Video
Santa Letter

You have found the Santa Letter that your child should receive this year. You will not be able to find another Santa Letter that has so much personalization and craftsmanship. Every Parchment Santa Letter is individually burned around the edges to give it an authentic old feel. Every Santa Letter comes with Santa Claus official wax seal on the letter. Each letter also comes with a FREE Video From Santa for your child to watch!

Our Santa Letters come with 17 personalization items and you will not believe the excitement on your child's face when they see their letter in the mail box with their name twice on the front of the envelope. Every Letter from Santa also comes with free Magical Reindeer Food for you child to put out on Christmas Eve. Every Letter from Santa ordered before December 1st will be mailed from North Pole, Alaska and will have the official North Pole, Alaska postmark. Free Shipping for all Santa Letters!

Cartas de Santa

Has encontrado la Carta de Santa que tu nino/nina debe de recibir este ano. No encontraras una Carta de Santa que tenga tanta personalizacion y detalle. Cada Carta de Santa de pergamento esta quemada por las orillas para darle ese autentico sentido antiguo. Cada Carta de Santa viene con un sello official de cera en la carta. Cada carta viene con un video GRATIS para que tu nino/nina lo pueda ver!

Nuestras Cartas de Santa vienen con 17 detalles de personalizacion y no vas a creer la emocion en la cara de tu nino/nina cuando vean su carta en el buzon con su nombre escrito dos veces en el frente del sobre. Cada Carta de Santa tambien viene con Comida Magica para Venados para que tu nino/nina lo ponga afuera en Nochebuena. Cada Carta de Santa ordenada antes del 1ero de Diciembre sera enviada desde el Polo Norte, Alaska y tendra el sello official del Polo Norte, Alaska. Envio Gratis para todas las Cartas de Santa!

Santa Deluxe Pack

Now you can receive all three of your favorite Sealed By Santa Products for one low price!

This package includes the Santa Letter with phone call, videos, reindeer food, a 2014 Nice List Certificate, a autographed picture of Santa Claus, and don't forget about Mrs. Claus!

The Deluxe pack also includes a letter from Mrs. Claus and Santa's favorite sugar cookie recipe! Enjoy putting out reindeer food and make Santa's favorite Christmas cookies the Night before Christmas. This package is the interactive pack that will get every child excited for Santa's arrival!

Santa Pack

If you thought sending a Letter from Santa was a great idea you will love our Santa Pack. Each Santa Pack comes with the official Santa Letter on Parchment Paper with burned edges. This Santa Letter has over 17 personalization items and Santa's official wax seal. Every Santa Pack comes in a shiny red foil envelope with a big Santa label on the front of the envelope addressed to the child. The red foil envelope will capture your child's attention immediately! Each letter also comes with two FREE videos and a phone call from Santa!

In addition to the Santa Letter every Santa Pack also comes an autographed picture of Santa, an ornament from the North Pole, a Holiday washable tattoos, Holiday Crayons, Santa coloring book, Holiday Stickers, a pre Christmas toy and a package of Magical Reindeer Food. This will truly be a memorable experience for your Child to continue to believe in Santa Claus.

Santa Cocoa Pack

If you thought the idea of sending your child a Letter from Santa was a great idea you will love this Hot Cocoa Mug Pack. When your child receives this package it will be a very memorable experience. The package comes addressed to the child from Santa with stamps on the outside that read "Official Package from Santa's Workshop". Each letter also comes with a FREE Video From Santa for your child to watch!

Inside the box the child will receive our official Santa Letter with burned edges and a wax seal, a ornament from Santa, a red velour bag filled with Magical Reindeer Food, a letter from Mrs. Claus explaining that she has sent Santa's favorite cookie recipe along with Santa's favorite hot chocolate. You will also receive Santa's favorite cookie recipe from the Kitchen of Mrs. Claus, a snowman cookie cutter the parents can use with the children to create the christmas cookies and last but not least Santa's Favorite Hot Cocoa Mug. The interaction your child will have with this Hot cocoa Mug Pack will make memories to last a lifetime!

Nice List Certificate

The 2014 Official Nice List Certificate is a great gift for the child who has been good all year. The Nice List Certificate is a great addition to one of our Santa Letters. You will not believe the look on your child's face when they see Santa Claus has recognized them as being on the Nice List. It will also give the incentive to your child to be good next year because Santa is always watching and knows who is naughty and nice.

The Nice List Certificate is delivered on gold parchment paper. Every Nice List Certificate is signed by Santa Claus and also includes a hoof print from Rudolph the Reindeer. The Nice List Certificate also has an official Santa foil seal in the middle of the Certificate. The Nice List Certificate is mailed separately to the child in a firm white cardboard envelope to ensure Certificate Quality. This Certificate can be ordered individually or as an add on with a Personalized Letter from Santa.

2014 Santa Ornament Package

The newest Sealed by Santa comes with even more! The package includes a Sealed by Santa letter, phone call and videos, reindeer food in a red plush bag, a colorful letter from the elf maker that made the 2014 limited edition ornament, a elf craft, and of course the Sealed by Santa 2014 ornament! This pack has a limited quantity and won't last long! Make the Sealed By Santa ornament pack a annual tradition in your household this season.

Santa Post Card

The Santa Post card is a great way to encourage the child to be good all year long so Santa can come to visit them next year. The Santa Post Card is sent to the child after Christmas in the middle of January. Santa writes to the child from a tropical destination letting the child know to be good during the year.

The Santa Post Card has Santa on the front in a tropical scene. Santa is on vacation and taking a break after delivering all of the toys to the children. The Santa Post Card is officially postmarked from Florida so the child can see Santa was on vacation.

The Santa Post Card can be ordered individually or as an add on with a Personalized Letter from Santa.

Santa Key

The Magical Santa Key is the perfect gift for the child who does not have a chimney. Children who do not have fireplaces often wonder how Santa gets in the house to deliver the presents. With the Magical Santa Key there are no more worries for the child. Simply place the Santa Key outside and Santa will use the Magical Key to enter into the house. The key is magical so it will only work for Santa Claus and no one else.

If a Letter from Santa has been ordered in addition to the Santa Key the key will be placed in the envelope with the Santa Letter. If only the Santa Key is ordered it will be mailed in an envelope addressed to the child. The Magical Santa Key can be ordered individually or as an add on with a Personalized Santa Letter.

Santa Evidence Kit

The Santa Evidence Kit is perfect for the child that need a little help believing in Santa Claus. This Santa Evidence Kit gives you all of the tools necessary to making sure the child continue to believe in Santa. This Santa Evidence Kit includes Santa's hat that he accidentally left, a Santa boot stencil with Magical Snow Powder so the child can see Santa's footprints around the tree (Magical Powder even feels like real snow), a Santa Cocoa Thank You note to be left out thanking the child for the cookies, one of Santa's big black buttons that must have fell off his coat, Santa’s Sleigh License, Santa’s Official Nice List Map, Santa’s Glove that he must of taken off while eating those yummy Christmas cookies and instructions on how to place the items around the house.

The Santa Evidence Kit will be mailed directly to the Parents of the child. If you ordered a Santa Letter in addition to the Santa Evidence Kit they will be mailed separately.