Looking Forward To Making Your Child’s Christmas Magical!

Witness the joy on their faces as they receive a heartfelt and fun, personalized letter and video from Santa.

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You share with me information about your kid! What they like and don’t like, their friends and hobbies!

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I use my rich experience to create completely personalized letters and videos!

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Prior to Christmas, your kid will experience Christmas magic like never before!

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After your kid receives the present, they believe in Magic more and enjoy their childhood to the fullest!

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I will send you:

  • Personalized Letter from Santa
  • Package magically delivered in colorful envelope
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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I Know How To Talk To Kids So They Believe In Magic

Immerse your child in the enchantment of a personalized video message from Santa Claus himself. Watch their eyes light up with wonder as Santa addresses them by name, shares heartwarming holiday wishes, and even mentions their special accomplishments.

With each video uniquely tailored to create an unforgettable experience, let Santa deliver his magical message straight to your child's heart this Christmas season.

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Let Me Make Your Kids Christmas Magical

Witness the joy on their faces as they receive a heartfelt and fun, customized letter from Santa. They will definitely remember this forever!

I Have All The Answers

Our primary focus is ensuring you and your child(ren) LOVE the experience we provide at SealedBySanta. If we fall short, we will make it right by offering a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Please visit our "Money Back Guarantee" page for all the details.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We have a 100% secure, SSL encryped payment page.

Please visit our "Contact Us" page to see the various ways to connect with us.

Yes, prices are subject to change. Prices may fluctuate due to factors like market conditions, promotions, or updates to our products or services. We strive to keep our pricing competitive and fair for our customers.

Our prices are determined based on the enchanting packages and personalized experiences we offer. Factors influencing pricing include the chosen package, customization options, and any special features you select to create a unique and magical experience for your child. We strive to maintain competitive and fair pricing while providing exceptional holiday moments for your family.

Our high-quality, 3D animated video is one of a kind, and can be personalized in a variety of ways:

1. Child's Name in Text Form - Your child will be able to see their name featured on Santa's Nice List screen in the video.

2. Child's Name Spoken by Santa and Buddy the Elf - This video is the only personalized video where multiple characters will address your child by name. Our two main characters are Santa Claus and Buddy the Elf. Both will speak your child's name in their own unique voice.

3. Child's picture (up to 2 pictures) - Your child will be able to see their picture featured on Santa's Nice List screen in the video.

One field is how you want your child's name spelled and visually seen in the video on Santa's Nice List screen. The other field is how you want your child's name pronounced audibly by Santa and the Elf. After you enter the Child's Spoken Name, you can hear a preview of the pronounciation to ensure its correct before proceeding.

No, these voices are real and each name is stored in our database.

If your child's name is not found in our database, first try entering another spelling variation of your child's name (i.e. if your child's name is spelled "Eric", try this variation of the spelling "Erik"). If no variation of your child's name exists, you can still create the video that will feature your child's name in text form and their photos, but the characters won't verbally say your child's name.

You''ll receive a link to the video in your inbox with the ability to download it and watch it as many times as you'd like.

You will receive it within 24hrs of ordering.

Yes, and we encourage that so you can have it for years to come.

Yes, with any of our Santa packages, you can personalize a video with up to 3 kids.

The personalization process for our letters from Santa is easy and fun! During your order, you'll have the opportunity to provide specific details about your child, such as their name, accomplishments, and even special wishes. Our system will use this information to create a unique and heartwarming letter from Santa Claus. You can review and customize the content to ensure it's just right before finalizing your order. It's a magical way to create a personalized holiday experience for your child with Sealed by Santa.

Yes, definitely. You can order as many packages as you'd like. However, each child will receive their own unique package in the mail. Please note, if you want to order two packages and have them mailed to two different mailing addresses, you must create two separate orders.

You can order your package right now, and we will ship our first batch of orders so you receive it right after Thanksgiving.

Currently, we are only shipping within the USA. We will be expanding to other countries next year.

Each order will be processed within 3 business days of the order. Once we ship the order, you will receive a tracking number so you know exactly where the package is at all times.

To place an order for delivery, simply visit our website, select the package you want, and proceed to the cart then checkout. Provide your shipping address and payment details, and we'll take care of the rest. You'll receive a confirmation and estimated delivery time.

The last day to order is December 18th with regular shipping. We do recommend that you order earlier in the season and not to wait. We do offer expedited shipping.

Orders start shipping November 1st and ship 24-72 hours after the order is placed. Once the order is shipped you will receive a shipping notification from USPS.

Yes we do. Christmas is all about the Christmas magic! Letter Template: “You are never to old to believe” will explain that Christmas is more then just about presents but also believing in Christmas magic!

If there are more than one kid in your family, Santa can create one video for all of them or a separate video for each kid. Every other item is going to be individual for each kid per package.

Yes we do! Sometimes a child needs a little extra reminder to get on Santa's Nice List. Our Naughty letter will remind them that Christmas is on the way and there is still time to make Santa’s Nice List!

Yes we do! Even though COVID is here, the North Pole is taking all precautions for a safe Christmas Eve delivery! Santa has never missed a Christmas and he wont miss this year either!

Yes we do! You can choose letter template “Baby’s First Christmas”. This is a great way to introduce Santa and start the Santa letter tradition!

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